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Today is the first day of summer. As I sit here and watch a fly swirl around my brand new lamp, I’m reminded of the pesty intruders that come with summer.

But I’m also listening to crickets chirp and frogs croak. I’m watching the drapes move in the summer breeze. And tonight, I heard the first illegal firework. I love the sounds and feel of summer.

My kids are tan. They’re rested. They’re smiling when I get home from work. And they’re exhausted from spending all day in the pool, riding bikes with friends, eating popsicles until their arms turn purple. 

Remember those days? Remember only caring about which swimsuit to wear, which sunscreen to use and which fire fly to catch?

If only I could return to the simple days of summer. Who knew those days would be so precious. Who knew I would cherish the longest day of light, the most beautiful sunset and the smell of summer rain.

Summer was the catalyst for my favorite memories: bathing in the lake while camping, learning to water ski, fireworks with caramel corn.

I hope someday my kids appreciate the peace of summer and the tranquility of childhood.

Thanks, Summer Solstice, for reminding us of what really matters.


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