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Crickets chirp, fireflies dance and the moon fades after 9 p.m. in the summer. So, of course, this means my children refuse to go to bed. “But it’s still light out, mom.” “I can still hear kids playing in the pool, mom.”

Ugh. I hate the summertime bedtime ritual. While I love sleeping in an extra half hour before work, I miss my alone time at night — to do homework, read, watch my junk T.V. and to reconnect with my husband.

So as my boys play “spy” until 11 p.m. or insist on watching “just a few more minutes” of  iCarly, I secretly curse summer. It’s such a paradox, since I love the warmth, sun and water fun it brings but hate the childhood freedom it affords.

Maybe I’m missing something. How do you stick to your schedules during summer? Or am I obessing over a useless cause?


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